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We love events. From inception to clean up and close down, we will manage and execute every aspect of your special day, so that you can focus on being the best version of you. Whether it be Full service planning, Day of event Coordination, Event Design, Event Décor or On-site logistics we customize our offerings to meet your needs. Our goal is for you to be satisfied, for  your event to be seamless, and for you to have one of the best experiences of your life.

Our Expertise

Event Planning

No matter what your event is, we’ve got you covered. You give us the big picture and we take care of the details that will make it come to life. From inception to clean-up and everything in between. Our team of experts will paint your picture perfect event, and make it one that you are bound to be proud of. We start off by listening to your needs and desires, next we come up with a plan to meet those needs and desires, then we seamlessly execute.

Event Design

The floor plan of an event space is key to how it will be organized.  As a designer, we plan the layout of everything that is needed in the space for optimal flow and harmony. We take care of the what,where,how, and why and bring the ambience. From drapes, to beautiful floral arrangements, to tables to lighting, to who will sit where and much more. We will organize the entire flow of your event space to make it flawless.

On-Site Logistics

Event Days can be stressful. Having an on-site or day-of coordinator is crucial to reducing chaos. Our on-site/day-of coordinator will be on the job as soon as the day arrives. Holding everyone accountable for being where they should be at the required time.  And overseeing the movement of the day while resolving problems should there be any. We relieve you of worry and of being the “bad guy” so that you can be the star of your event.


Full Service Event:
Leave It to Us

Day of Event Coordinator:
On the day of the event

Design & Dec:
Tailored to Your Dreams

Customize Your Own:
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